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My Jamaican Gully - Reviews

“From My Jamaican Gully to the World and Back is
captivating and informative. Do you want to experience
growing up in the exotic beautiful island in the sun,
Jamaica? Then taking flight to historic National Parks in the
USA and other places? This book will fill your bucket list
even though you did not move from your favorite reading
space. It’s a must read sweet to the taste. I did not want it to
finish.” Norka Lynch, Fort Lauderdale 


“I was a neighbor of Audrey and Frank off and on for five
years when we were docked in Fort Lauderdale. I finished
reading her most recent book and highly recommend
it.  Audrey tells her remarkable story and life mission, and it
is a story worth hearing, a mission worthy of being done,
and should be an inspiration to all.  It shows what can be
accomplished with clarity of vision and unwavering
determination. “ Keith Greenwood, Amazon


“I read this book at the start of the pandemic. It was a very
scary and confusing time but Audrey and Frank made me
realize I did not have to have everything figured out as a
teenager. I was inspired by how they followed their dreams
by taking on new careers in their 40s and 50s." - DJ Luke
Davis, Kingston, Jamaica.

Legacy on The Land - Reviews

“Peterman traces both falling in love with national parks as well as her efforts to reach out to communities of color and create a better, more inclusive environmental movement. The resistance she races is appalling, but the strength she and her partners bring to national park and national resource issues is inspiring. This book should be required reading for all of us who love and work to protect national parks.” Amazon Review

“I was introduced to this book during a conversation about my personal transformation after being exposed to our American Back-Country and National Parks for extended amounts of time as an African American Black Male. Becoming an advocate and ambassador to increase both diversity and inclusion into the American Outdoor Community, recreationally, institutionally and corporate mindsets would benefit greatly by being more exposed to the information captured by Audrey and Frank Peterman. This book was a joy to read and experience, however it also punches one in the gut about the reality of our American History. Take it from there.” Carter McBride, Amazon Review


“I worked in Yellowstone in the early 90s. It was a wonderful experience that made me enjoy our national park system. However, so few Black, Latino and other people of color would visit. Often so many fear not being welcome. However, like the Peterman's mention in the book, the beauty of our nation belongs to all and we need to see enjoy and see it! The Peterman's book about their adventure is a great story and something that I want to do one day.” Amazon Review.

Our True Nature - Reviews

“Audrey Peterman speaks to the core of our being, as we relate to nature. Connecting the innocence in us all to the bountiful image that is nature, is what binds me to this book. The book itself speaks to
an innocence that can only be found in nature. Our True Nature lends itself to the reader in that it creates a vision that encourages us to venture out into the wonderful wonders that surrounds us all.”
T. Baker, Amazon Review

“This is a great resourceful book for planning trips to our national treasures. This book gives you the preparedness you need to take yourself, your family, or friends out to the National Parks. I love the
first hand experiences that come along with each park. This book is amazing!” Amazon Review

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